Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Final Fantasy: End Game

So I have spent more time in FF14's end game. Here are my thoughts.

1) In general, there isnt MUCH content there, but the content is sufficiently hard such that it takes a while to progress through it. This is good and bad. Its good cause your not doing a lot of grindy stuff (trash mobs etc) and it pushes you to play the game very well. On the other hand, once you master the content it becomes very brief and..then there isnt much to do.
2) There is very little reward or upgrading on a whole that goes on. You basically go from an item set given to you at max level via the main quest up one tier of dungeon drops, to one tier above that(tokens) which you can get in the first week. After that its entirely drops from the Coil Raid (which most guilds can only hope to kill about two bosses out of right now, potentially three) and from a token system which is heavily throttled (example: buying a chest from that token system takes about 3 weeks of not spending tokens elsewhere).

Outside that there isnt alternative content for end game PvE. There is a ton of stuff you can do with crafting (crafting is VERY deep) and leveling your other classes/jobs, but for end game players like myself..its a little suffocating. The next patch (coming up soon I hear) will supposedly included 3 new hard more dungeons and a 24 man raid (Crystal Tower) which I feel will do a lot to make the end game good but I fear if that patch does not come out in a timely (NOW!!!) manner I will lose interest.

Issue then is...IF FF cant hold my interest (and I hope it does, it really is a pretty good game) where do I look?

EvE: The sand box is awesome, but frankly I do not know enough people in the game that do what I would like to get into (Massive wars). Also I tend to get a bit finicky about loosing my ships :(

WoW: Probably the healthiest end game total between PvP and PvE, but it looks like trash. Its hard for me to get around how bad the game looks. I have dl'ed a 7 day trial on my old account last night to try it out and see if I can get past it. We will see :(

Future Games:
Wild Star. I have no hope for this game at the moment. The beta was sad for it, but we will see how the game cleans up in the last few months.

TESO: I ....think this is all hype. After seeing how structured the classes are I lost faith that this will really mirror the open design that was part of the TES universe to this point. Have not been in a beta so far so I cant be certain yet.

Path of Exile: Not an MMO, but man do I love this game. It has a huge end game, replayability and development team. Its just that I want an MMO to go along with my PoE play because some days I want to raid, some days I want to kill a million monsters...

So tonight I go into Coils in FF14 with a new raid group. We will see how we jell and maybe as a result of that how enjoyable I find the end game.

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