Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FFXIV: Still Good!

Quick post/Update

Still having a ton of fun FFXIV. There is a lot to do within the game and none of it 'is quick'.

Want to level blacksmith in WoW? Could do it in like 5 hours with the new game 'quick leveling'.

Leveling blacksmith in FFXIV takes days of effort. And its not 'grindy', its like leveling up a combat class. There is depth to your choices, to how you craft, to what abilities you use.

But like a standard class, its not over then. Because blacksmith , like all crafting classes, nets you a few unique crafting skills. But in FFXIV you can poach abilities from other classes, so now suddenly you may want to level up your Culinary to get access to a power to help your blacksmithing...cause you might need that power to reach the highest difficulty of crafables (1, 2 and 3 star recipes). 

And this is just crafting. This idea of depth and enjoying the journey, and making the 'end' truely feel rare exists throughout.

Let me give you an example: You hit max level in WoW. How long until you are LFR geared?
How long until you are normal geared?
How hard it it to get some heroic gear?

In FFXIV this process takes longer, but there are more 'steps' in the path, so it is not that you feel like your not progressing, the ladder simply has more rungs.

And of course I would debate that each rung is more enjoyable, with better quests and experiences designed around it, but thats more an issue of taste.

After a very very long stint not running games I will be doing just that very shortly. Exciting times.

Gen Con
Sad we didnt go this year. Hoping to return to the great con again starting next year.