Thursday, October 17, 2013

Path of Exile, WoW, FF14

Greetings 3 people that read my posts on the internet. How are you?

Actually my page has gotten 40 views?! Either someone is hitting refresh a lot or about 6 of you are reading this crap! Anyhow on to stuff.

Path of Exile
Is finally getting its release. Its like, this week basically (if im not mistaken). It includes a crazy amount of updates. Act three is being extended significantly with a number of new zones, mini bosses and a new end game boss (Piety was intended to be a 'mid act boss', similar to Brutus in Act 1). Other cool stuff?

  • New Class (Scion) who appears in the center of the passive tree
  • Speaking of the passive tree, its been entirely redone, allowing for more builds, new passives, etc.
  • With that, EVERYONE is getting a full free respec (WOOHOO)
  • Lots of new skill gems. Check this guy out:
  • New proc skill gems. You can link something (like say, Molten Shield) to a proc gem that works when you take damage and theres a chance when you take damage that a weaker version of molten shell is auto cast on you. There are a number of new proc types including offensive ones (when you crit, when you kill an enemy, when hit). In general the % to trigger seem better for melee characters (whom in general take more risks).
  • Speaking of risks, all two handed weapons (melee, bows, staves) are getting  buffs to compensate for the lack of a shield (Shields are amazing in PoE). With risk comes reward!
  • Probably other shit I forgot about.
World of Warcraft
So I got my Tauren Paladin to 89 last night, probably 90 tonight. Its pretty enjoyable so far. Theres lots to do. The graphics are poo, and theres no impact to the combat (it feels like your punching the ocean..) but the mechanical complexity is pretty enjoyable. I like the class definitions there, especially between the tanks (<3 paladins!). Not sure if this makes any serious contention vs ff14 (read more in the ff14 section). 

I joined some random guild but at this point will either see if they have some voice communication (They seem pretty quite in chat despite having 50+ members online) or seek another guild that will satisfy my need to ramble for hours about dumb shit.


So I like this game a lot, but per prior posts....theres not much to do when you hit level 50. At least for me there isnt much to do. You can level other classes, level crafting (which seems awesome), but you have very few options for end game PvE. What exists is fairly good, just very thin. 

Now when patch 2.1 comes out (late november, early december) it will introduce a ton of stuff. You got new dungeons, new raids, new missions, dailies, arena pvp, etc etc. But realistically I'm not going to wait around to then. So what I think I will do is continue to log in to do my raid, and spend the rest of my time either in WoW, PoE or maybe EvE online.

Speaking of that...

EvE Online


I lost some drones and some mild amount of tank but WHO THE FUCK CARES. I now have a reinforced siege mode that makes me an ultra tank for a period of time and extends my missile ranges significantly. It also makes you IMMUNE to electronic warfare while enabled! They also gave battle ships a new launcher that does less damage than normal launchers but can rip apart smaller ships! 

Tempted to go try this in action.

Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy
New RPG system that looks really interesting. Totally ordered it!

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