Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exalted 3E: Updates

So the developers confirmed that E3 wont be out in November. No big surprise here. Given the updates so far it was pretty clear it was not ready yet.

That being said the updates still look pretty promising. One of the excerpts stated how large and useful the new awareness charm tree is. For those that dont know the old awareness trees in E1 and E2 were hyper condensed charm sets with generally 2-3 great powers and 2-3 less useful powers. Compared to other trees (melee) it was hard to sometimes pick awareness as a favorite ability because the likelihood you would invest much exp (and thus maximize the discount) was not 'worth it' for many. One thing I really enjoyed about both Alchemicals and Infernals design were charms that built off themselves. My hope with many of E3 is that we will see building charms more often which I think has a number of really good advantages:

1) The toolbox does not grow as a player to an overwhelming level. Not every players skill set mechanically is as strong as others, so having 30 charms over a lengthy game can be overwhelming for players. Having a smaller amount of charms that instead have become more potent (or more flexible) I think is easier to manage.

2) The idea of building charms I also think you generally avoid 'useless' pre-requisite charms that some trees (*COUGH* every-Sidereal-tree *COUGH*) suffered form.

3) Upgrading just feels cool.

As part of the update we found out one of the developers, John is also very under the weather and has been hospitalized. I hope the best for him. I got to meet him this year at GenCon (along with Holden) and both of them were super awesome guys.

Hopefully the closed or open playtest will open soonish. I know my local players cannot wait to get their grubby mits on it ^_^

Thats all for now. 

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