Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FF14 patch news, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft & Some ranting on Blizzard

Where to begin.

Final Fantasy 14
The dev blog for ff14 is out, it indicates that the 2.1 patch is coming out December. Game came out in August and did not debut with any dailies, pvp, and limited end game. 5 months from launch to the first content patch to put them 'at level' to what I feel most other MMO's debut with seems really sad. This confirms something for me that would have driven me nuts with FF14; their dev life cycles are very very slow. This is likely a hall mark of the ff11 slow development times and not something I want to be part of, so I can't see myself returning to ff14 any time soon. Maybe a year from now or something.

So I'm playing a good deal of Panda land and having a lot of fun. I transfered to an RP server because, well, I'm a huge geek and love to rp. That said I have been enjoying LFR (have completed everything so far and now completing my LFR raid set, then will start poking into finding a consistent 10 man raiding group). PvP is also very fun, I changed over to Ret spec for it and had a blast. LOTS of numbers! Ret is unlike any other pvp spec I have played in that (Maybe similar to the old POM Pyro Mages) it can go from 'meh' damage to "WTF HOW DID I JUST DIE" levels of damage instantly by popping three cooldowns in conjunction. That ontop of some natural tankyness and the fact you deal holy damage exclusively (lulz warrior armor) makes it pretty nice.

Path of Exile
No news here; I play it nightly, its the shit. Really probably the most fantastic game I can recommend.

I guess there is news though; new patch came out. Lots of great stuff. Honestly I cant imagine what Blizzard can do to match these guys. They are a small lean and quick company. They talk to their community daily and put out content patches it seems every other week. While Reaper of Souls looked good at Blizz Con, its not something even being talked about until after March 2014 (after the Auction House Changes). At about two 'significant' patches a month thats  about 10-12 PoE Patches from now. Given how much the game has changed and improved in the past 5 months, another 5 months just seems insane.

This gets me to a criticism I have about Blizzard..

You make good things, but holy christ your slow!


Star Craft 2 and then the multi year pause until Star Craft 2 Heart of the Swarm. Wtf? For those that know me, Star Craft 2 was something I played when I lived in Michigan, and Heart of the Swarm came out this past Spring/Summer. Diablo 3 vs its xpac is not taking as long but then again most people LOATHED Diablo 3 and Blizzard has to try to save that IP. Hearthstone has been in a closed beta for so long that people are losing interest cause they cannot play with their friends. The only game that has a steady clip of development is WoW; every other game franchise has large periods of time where not much is being released. In years passed this was ok, but now a days I'm not so sure. Many indy devs (like Grinding Gear Games) are showing that you can come out with as good if not a BETTER product in less time but keeping the teams small and agile.

What Else?
Going to Dreamforce in San Fran next week, so wont be online much or blogging. I will be online in the evenings in WoW or PoE, so hit me up there;)

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